How to Wheelie – Guys vs Girls

Here are two videos that show two different ways of doing wheelies: Clutch Wheelie vs Power Wheelie (or bounce wheelie). We thought we’d make it a bit more interesting by using the videos of beautiful supermoto rider Sarah Aydin and extreme enduro rider Graham Jarvis to show us their way of popping a wheelie. Some people say that Clutch Wheelies are better and easier to perform than Power Wheelies because they can happen at low speed and without accelerating too much.

Comment below:
Who did it better, guy or girl? and; Which wheelie do you prefer?

Girl – Clutch Wheelie

Swedish supermoto star Sara Aydin (also known as Saaraazh) makes poppin wheelies look pretty easy, especially for girls who ride motorbike.

Guy – Power / Bounce Wheelie

The world champion of hard enduro Graham Jarvis shows us how he does a wheelie with this video from the Graham Jarvis Offroad Academy.